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Tao Te Ching: Chapter 2

Beauty is only made beautiful by the presence of ugliness.

Goodness only seems good because of the bad.

Something and nothing depend on each other.

Easy and difficult contrast each other.

Long and short, above and below, before and after, music and noise;

Things that seem opposite only exist because of each other.

Taoism Tao Te Ching
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Shortlisted for the 2017 Ashton Wylie Literary Awards

The manuscript for Divine Laziness: the Art of Living Effortlessly has been selected as one of five finalists in this year's Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust unpublished manuscript awards.

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Tao Te Ching: An Adaptation. Chapter 1

I've been working on an adaptation of Loa Tsu's classic Tao Te Ching. I felt a need to interpret its chapters in a way that brought out their spirit (as...

Taoism Tao Te Ching
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Flow, the secret to happiness

I watched this recently, an oldie but a goodie from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who has contributed pioneering work to our understanding of happiness, creativity, human fulfillment and the notion of "flow"

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So much in the name of

So much hate in the name of love.

So much madness in the name of sanity.

So much hell in the name of heaven...

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I read recently in the National Geographic Magazine May 2017 cover story "Genius" a beautiful description of the state of mastery the artistry can bring about.

Artistry Mastery
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Holy Campaign

For how long have we butchered one another 
in the name of conquering ourselves?

No place for hatred in this holy campaign
yet there's room for everything and nothing gets left behind
but the thud of our fists on our own faces.

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Noise comes and goes 
but silence is always here.

And once one gets a taste for silence 
all the rest is just noise.

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Setting our hearts on this path, everything we do becomes our magnum opus, and through whole-hearted refinement we make it a monument worthy of spending a life on.