About the Author

Jeremy Cole has trained and worked over the years as a jeweller, a musician, a homeopath and, most recently, a web developer. Though diverse, these varied roles have been stitched together by a thread of contemplative inquiry, and each in their own way have contributed to and been shaped by that inquiry.

Jeremy has been practicing meditation for the past twenty years, primarily within the Thai Forest tradition of Theravada Buddhism, which has allowed him to develop heartening relationships with its monastic and lay communities. He has also had a long-standing affair with the martial arts, most notably the traditional Chinese art of Wing Chun. This training, perhaps above all else, has been fruitful in weaving a coherent whole from the various parts of his life. And this integration, and the sensitivity and effortlessness that Wing Chun training requires, have led to the writing of this book.

He lives on the coast in New Zealand, his homeland, with his partner Kate and a flock of seagulls.


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We are done with the path of death. Let us set our hearts on being fully alive.